Product Reviews and Customer Comments

Don't just take our word for it, find out what other people think about our tatami omote in these independent reviews and comments.

When we first started Mugen Dachi we contacted Nathan Scott Sensei and Guy Power Sensei to ask them if they would do independant reviews of our tatami omote. Both are highly trained in tameshigiri and their opinions are well regarded and regularly sought out. We offered a box of targets to each of them to test in any way they wanted, no strings attached. We would like to thank them for their time and consideration on our behalf.

Paul Smith Sensei did some extensive testing of many of the mats that were commercially available and then wrote a review of his cutting experiences. His article was published in the Iaido Journal.

We regularly get e-mail from customers who are very happy with our tatami omote. We have included some of those here for you to read as well. All of the comments are from customers who have purchased and used our tatami omote, and they speak from personal experience.

Scott Sensei's Review

Power Sensei's Review

Iaido Journal Review

Customer Comments

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