Tatami Omote for Tameshigiri

Welcome to Tameshigiri.com, homepage for the Mugen Dachi Company. The goal of our company is to provide you with the best tatami material available at a reasonable cost for the purpose of practical cutting exercises with a sword. The two owners of Mugen Dachi are also Martial Artists and Kenjutsu deshi. See our story. We understand the equipment and materials that are required, and we continually test our tatami during our own training. We will always strive to bring you the best quality target material we can at affordable prices.

Our Tatami Omote measures 35" by 70" and is just under 1/8 of an inch thick. The mats are brand new, not used. This feature assures you that each and every mat will consistently cut the same, target after target. We only use the traditional rush material that is young, soft, and poses no increased risk of scratching your sword. These tatami roll very cleanly because they have no embedded dirt and they soak up water very quickly. Another benefit of using our new mats is that, if you choose, you can make two quality targets from a single tatami mat, reducing your costs and making tameshigiri even more affordable.

Don’t confuse our tatami omote with Beach Mats or the thinner, more flimsy, 48 inch mats being sold elsewhere for tameshigiri. Mats that are very thin or are not woven tightly do not make very good targets and do not offer much of a challenge to cut. A target made from one piece of our tatami omote is equal to three or four beach mats rolled together. These other mats are all useable, but the bottom line is that for the majority of your cutting exercises you will get more challenging cuts, for a lower cost, from the Mugen Dachi New Tatami than from anything else which is currently available. If you are serious about your training and improving your cutting skills, you will not find a better material than the Mugen Dachi New Tatami for seminars, competitions, or your day-to-day training. Our tatami omote is the traditional covering used in Japan and is purchased from a Japanese company. These are the same size and type of mat that is being used in tameshigiri competitions in Japan and in the United States.

For your interest we have tried to fill this site with helpful information about tatami omote. What tatami omote is made from, how it is made, and pages that explain how to make targets and how to make a stand to put them on. We have also included comparisons of different types of commonly found mats and some important definitions so you know what to look for. There are some pictures of our tatami, even a few pictures of us working our tails off. Our Links page lists many companies, organizations, groups, and web forums that have information, equipment, or supplies for the Japanese Sword Arts. We hope you find the information useful and enjoyable. Please check back in the future to see what we have added. Oh Yeah!, you can also purchase tatami omote from us if you want to make some really great targets for tameshigiri.

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