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Jeremy Hagop lives in Australia and trains at the Seishinkan Iaido Dojo. Every now and then he splurges and endures staggering shipping costs to get Mugen Dachi tatami omote. We suggested he test a less expensive alternative target to save some money. Please note that he first uses a 5/16" dowel in the center, and when that does not offer a good enough target he moves up to a 5/8" dowel. With his permission we would like to share his observations:

January 2008

As requested, I tried cutting 4 beach mats wrapped together around a pine dowel of 8mm in diameter. The mats were soaked for 8 hours and dried between 2-3 hours. My sword cut through effortlessly on two kesa giri cuts without even feeling the dowel in centre. To be quite frank, I still reckon the tatami-omote from Mugen Dachi offer more resistance when cutting, when allowed to soak and dry the same amount of time.

The result of the 16mm diameter pine dowel wrapped with 4 beach mats is very similar in resistance to your tatami omote. I am very pleased with this find! But, please do send me the tatami omote!!!!!!

Well, the beach mats cost about $2 each. I used 4 to make one target. So, thats $8. Another $2 for the dowel equals $10AUD. So one target costs $9USD. It is cheaper than importing the tatami mats from you. But I still do like the tatami! After cutting the last tatami mats I received from you, I cant go back to beach mats!

Cheers, Jeremy
Seishinkan Iaido Dojo
Queensland, Australia

Sunday, March 4 2007

We recently received the tatami that we ordered from your company and we just rolled and cut some. It was excellent quality as you had said and we are very happy about the results. We are a pretty small group but we wanted you to know that you have our business from here on. Thank you very much.

Michelle Hammond
dojo hisho
Ryujokan, Carbon Cliff, Illinois

Friday, Feb 16 2007

I received the targets today. I made a side by side comparison between your
mats and (4 foot Wara from another company).

Both were tested in the following conditions:

4 @ 1 each soaked for 3 hours
4 @ 1 each soaked for 6 hours
2 @ 2 each soaked for 6 hours
2 @ 4 each soaked for 6 hours
4 @ 1 each dry

Blades used were (1) Shinsakuto 2005 by Tsuneharu and (2) Paul Chen Kotetsu.

Firstly, the weight difference is huge, your mats are denser and more heavy.
Your mats are shorter (standard size) and the wara is longer.

Cutting was easier on the Wara and more difficult on the Tatami Omote. More skill is required to cut the Tatami from you. We have supplied the 4 foot Wara for students in the past and will seriously consider switching them (once more advanced) to your mats.

They are much more like what we were used to in Japan.

Thank you and hope to do much more business in the near future.

Just thought you might like to know.


Fri, Jun 4 2004

Japanese sword arts that incorporate cutting as part of their training need a steady supply of consistent and challenging targets. In Japan, the standard target is tatami omote. I began tameshigiri training while stationed in Japan with the US Army. I was pleased and relieved to find a reliable source of tatami omote when I returned to the States. I have been doing business with Mugen Dachi since autumn of 2000 and have never been disappointed. Their mats are of consistently high quality and their customer service has always been friendly and efficient. The Northern Virginia Kenshinkai and the Northern Virginia Budokai strongly endorse Mugen Dachi as our preferred source of tatami omote for tameshigiri.

Dave Drawdy
Northern Virginia Budokai

Thu, Apr 1 2004

 Thanks for the tatami, as well as the instructions for rolling targets. Definitely a professional package overall. Thanks again for your product and guidance.
Jim Staley

Sat, Mar 13 2004

I did my first test cutting today of the tatami and was very pleased. being accustomed to used mats I was impressed with the quality and cleanliness of your mats. The cutting characteristics were excellent and the results were very satisfying. Thank you for providing such a high quality product.
Tim Sovine

Sun, Feb 29 2004

Recently I ordered two boxes of mats from your company. Our Shinkendo dojo located in Gilbert, Arizona, used approximately 18 of the mats, cut into half mat targets of 36 targets. About a third were used for practice cutting in preparation for our local Festival of Japan, called Matsuri, and the rest were used in demonstration cutting by our sensai and students. It went splendidly and the mats are first rate. I just wanted to thank you for providing a quality product that allows us to practice our art.

Best Regards,
Sepp Lanz

Wed, Nov 17 2004

Hi Dave,
The Mugen Dachi tatami make excellent targets, quite similar to the tatami targets I've used in Japan. The main difference is they're clean tatami, so there's no dirt to add extra scratches to the sword. The targets cut well and cleanly when you do it right, and they let you know it when you don't.

Best regards,
Peter Boylan
Mugendo Budogu

Wed, Nov 5 2003

Hi Dave,
I've cut a lot of dry, brown bamboo, and as long as the hasuji is good, it's not terribly difficult. Bad hasuji is another story though. The tatami cut quite nicely. We actually did both boxes in one weekend at the ren. faire. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, because I was busy either doing the cutting, or supervising other people. They cut like good tatami in Japan. I was quite pleased and you can expect me to order from you again.

Peter Boylan
Mugendo Budogu

Mon, Sep 15 2003

My group had our test cutting day this past Saturday and we cut @60 of your mats plus some bugei wara, and some used tatami omote from Japan given to me by Fumio Demura sensei. We cut them with a selection of blades, some CAS Iberia Shinto Katana and wakizashi, some imperial weapons bwt katana, a few refitted gunto,and 2 antique blades from japan.Your mats cut identically to the mats from Japan, and are much cleaner, with no grit imbedded in the mats.Your mats are much denser and provide a better feel than the bugei mats, and following your recomendation about half mats we gave that a try to to check angles, it worked very nicely.In our ryu we often cut mats that are rolled tight, and rather than use a peg to hold them in place we balance them on the cutting post and strive to cut leaving the bottom portion still on the post. Your mats have the weight to make this
type of practice challanging and very enjoyable.

Thanks agin, looking forward to getting more mats from you in the future.

Paul Manogue
Yagyu shin kage ryu
Yamato yagyu kai USA Representative


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