Who We Are

Our Philosophy- To provide a top quality target material for test cutting at the best price we can. The two owners of Mugen Dachi are also martial artists. With a combined 33 years of martial arts training between us when we started the company in 1999 we understood that most martial arts practitioners have a tremendous amount of dedication to their training. We also understand that most martial artists do not usually have a tremendous amount of money to spend (extra funds are usually spent on more training time). Once we decided to form the Mugen Dachi Company our goal has always been to make sure that students of the sword arts have a target material available that will provide a true challenge to cut, at the lowest possible price. If you are serious about your training we honestly feel that you won't find a better value than the Mugen Dachi New Tatami Omote for Seminars, Competitions, or your regular cutting practice.

Our Name- The name "Mugen Dachi" translates literally as "Infinity Sword". A more appropriate contemporary translation would be "Infinite Sword". We wanted a name that would adequately describe the multitude of possibilities that present themselves when someone walks the path of a student in the martial arts.

The Company- Mugen Dachi was created in 1999 by two Kenjutsu students who were not satisfied with the high cost and inconsistent quality of the mats that were available for tameshigiri. In 1998 the only thing you could get were used mats from Japan and the cost was pretty high, over $5.00 per mat. Beach mats were not considered an option since they make such poor targets. The result was that we held cutting practice on a very limited basis. When we did do tameshigiri we only got to cut two or three targets.

So what did we do? We complained of course, a lot. That tactic got us absolutely nowhere so when we finally got tired of hearing ourselves complain we decided to put our energy towards a more positive outcome. At first all we wanted to do was to find enough tatami for our own use. Living in the San Francisco/Bay Area, which has a large multi-cultural population, we figured we could probably find some old tatami omote from the mats that were re-covered locally. As it turns out it wasn't quite that easy.

We didn't give up and we kept looking around. As we made more and more connections it became obvious that we would have to buy in large quantities to get a regular supply at any kind of a reasonable price. We forged ahead without giving much thought to the repercussions of a "quantity" purchase. Finally, with the help of a friendly connection in Japan, we found our current supplier. He was enthusiastic and very interested in helping us to get the best quality mat for our needs. He came up with a very creative idea that helped lower the price to a reasonable level for martial arts use and still maintain a high quality. We were ready to go!!! The only drawback is that we had to place an order for a minimum of 7000 mats... every time we ordered!!! And so, in 1999, after several moments of serious thought and a few deep breaths, the Mugen Dachi Company was formed.

The People- The two Kenjutsu students who started Mugen Dachi are Jim Alvarez and Dave Wilson. Jim started his Aikido training in 1978 and has been the Senior Instructor at his own dojo since 1989. He started his Kenjutsu training in 1990 and teaches regularly scheduled classes at his dojo. Dave started his Karate training in 1987 and has been the Senior Instructor for the children's program at a local YMCA since 1990. He started his Kenjutsu training in 1995 and as a senior student he also teaches at the dojo where he trains.

In addition to running Mugen Dachi we both have regular 40 hour work weeks, train in two martial arts, teach at least one martial art, and we are both senior students in a kenjutsu style. It's a very busy schedule and it keeps us running around pretty much most of the time. Our days start early and usually end late. Sometimes our busy schedule keeps us from helping our customers as quickly as everyone would like and for that we offer our sincere apologies. It definitely keeps us from getting to the Post Office or to our storage facility, and shipping out orders as often as we would like. We do the best we can and hope that our customers and fellow martial artists will understand.        

Thank you to all of our customers for their patience and loyalty,
Dave and Jim

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